EUROCITIES Call for expert for research of the role of local governments in social welfare policies

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In the context of the debate about the future of social Europe and the shaping of the European Pillar of Social Rights, EUROCITIES wants to emphasise the importance of cities in social inclusion and inclusive labour market, on the basis of strong evidence from research. For this, we want to commission research that will take stock of the evidence that we have already collected in EUROCITIES and place it within an analytical framework built upon the main trends identified in the most recent literature.

We are looking for an external expert to write a short policy research paper on the new trends in the changing role of local government in developing and delivering social inclusion and welfare policies in EU member states.

The expert is expected to draw on: 

·       Stocktaking of evidence collected by EUROCITIES in previous research and documents

·       Theoretical framework built upon the trends identified from academic literature on the changing role of local government in delivering social welfare

·       Analytical review of EU policy documents pointing at the role of local government in fostering social inclusion and inclusive labour markets

The research paper should be finalised by the end of September 2017.

Please refer to the call document attached for more specifications.

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EUROCITIES staff contact

Bianca Faragau-Tavares