Let your voice be heard: take part in the public consultation on the Urban Water Agenda 2030!

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The Urban Water Agenda 2030 (UWA2030) will be a new component in the European Union’s ambitious water policy, which aims to achieve a good status for all water bodies, and make member states better prepared for extreme weather events, as reflected in the Water Framework Directive (adopted in 2000) and the Floods Directive (adopted in 2007). The UWA2030 aims to enable local governments to accelerate the implementation of local policies and practices for sustainable urban water management.

ICLEI and EUROCITIES, on behalf of the European Commission, are conducting this public consultation in order to gather input for the development of this initiative.

The consultation is based on a draft strategy for the Urban Water Agenda 2030 which has been elaborated by the DG Environment of the European Commission, ICLEI and EUROCITIES, and a core group of cities that are closely involved in the development of the initiative. This draft strategy offers cities the possibility to commit themselves to implement action in one to five strategic directions: action at local level, action between cities, action at river basin level, action at EU level and action in a global context. Please read this document carefully before answering the consultation.

The consultation targets European cities of all sizes as well as stakeholders of the water sector (such as: water utilities and providers, water industry, research and academic community).

The consultation follows the structure of the draft strategy and consists of 4 sections: personal information, framework of the initiative, strategic directions, and commitment process. Once you have read the UWA2030 draft strategy, it should only take around 15 minutes to complete the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B2CNDTJ

Your replies will feed in the design of an Urban Water Agenda which is relevant to cities’ needs and foster integrated and sustainable water management in urban areas. Don’t miss this opportunity to voice your expectations and help us shape this initiative! The consultation is open until Wednesday 5 July. 

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