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The Dutch government collects contributions on the EU initiatives working on digitalisation.

Together with other five Dutch cities- Den Bosch, Helmond, Tilburg, Breda and Oss- Eindhoven is pioneering a digitalisation effort through the cooperation agreement, so-called city deal, that aims to digitalise 100 000 homes across the Netherlands to increase their energy efficiency. The initiative, which enables owners to decide on retrofitting of their homes and choose more energy efficient ways for their houses, is stimulated by the national government, which tries to promote innovation and urban renewal to tackle major societal challenges.


The Dutch government currently inquiries about other similar initiatives on the EU level. You can participate in their survey by answering two questions:

  1. Is there a comparable initiative in your city?
  2. If not, would you be interested in cooperation on furthering the digitalisation process?

You can submit your replies and/or a note of interest to Anthony van de Ven-


About the initiative

The project targets apartments and family houses by using the ICT tool called ‘WoonConnect’, that enables users- home-owners, construction companies, architects, municipalities- to create new homes and make adjustments to the existing ones through the real-time application of dynamic 3D information-models. The tool provides direct feedback on the energy savings achieved by certain adaptations and allows sharing of the obtained information with other user groups.

The uniqueness of the WoonConnect pilot project lies in its definition of ‘digitalisation’, which tries to ‘compose an up-to-date’ and ‘adaptable, dynamic building information model’: meaning that residents can adapt the models themselves without any knowledge of BIM software, previous explanation or specific software and plug-ins. The user-friendly approach is also reflected by the option to predict future scenarios and its offer of the broad range of calculations (energy use, personalised energy costs according to the individual consumption profile, CO2, costs of building and maintenance etc.).

The initiative is supported by the national and regional authorities, SPARK Campus and TU Eindhoven academic institutions, and the companies. The whole project aims to scale up positive experiments, identify main bottlenecks and raise awareness between stakeholders and other cities through drafting a guiding vision and action plan on digitalisation.


More information (in Dutch) can be found here:


- Video, entitled ‘CityDeal’: