Integrating Cities III - Embracing Diversity, Achieving Equal Opportunities

02/04/2009 - 02/04/2009 (Berlin)

The Senate of Berlin hosted the INTEGRATING CITIES III Conference in cooperation with EUROCITIES and the European Commission, DG Justice, Freedom and Security. 

The role of diversity management and equal opportunities in local integration policy was discussed by leading policy-makers, experts and practitioners. Mayors and EU policy-makers engaged in a high-level dialogue on how best to harness the enriching opportunities of diversity in Europe’s cities. This set the scene for a number of panel discussions which explored how cities can effectively implement policies for diversity management and equal opportunities in their roles as service providers, employers and buyers of goods and services.

INTEGRATING CITIES III is part of the EUROCITIES project 'Diversity and Equality in European Cities' (DIVE), which was officially launched at the conference, co-financed by the European Commission, DG Justice, Freedom and Security through the European Integration Fund.

INTEGRATING CITIES III ended with a handover from the Berlin Commissioner for Integration, Günter Piening to Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor of London where the next INTEGRATING CITIES IV Conference will be held in spring 2010.



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