EUROCITIES WG employment online meeting on recovery plans for employment, 18 June 2020

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Working Group employment will meet on 18 June, between 10.00-12.00 to discuss about cities’ plans to support people in employment in the COVID-19 recovery period. Cities part of the working group employment will discuss and exchange information about long-term plans to support people in employment focusing on skills development, life-long learning and job matchmaking at local level. The dialogue will also focus on the challenges on youth unemployment, sectors that are at risk and new emerging jobs.

The online meeting is for the experts working on labour markets, employment and skills development at local level. This meeting comes as a follow-up action after ‘EUROCITIES-OECD Webinar on future of work and COVID19 impact on local labour markets’ hosted on 12 May.


The crisis arising from the COVID-19 is different than previous crisis. The urban areas, especially the capital and large cities have a higher share of job potentially at risk, up to 30%. The key trends that were identified in the previous discussions are:
·         Due to the massive loss of jobs, the cities are facing a ‘new urban poor’ groups which include students, young men, freelance workers, low-skilled and self-employed.
·         The challenges existed before covid-19 but are now even more prominent and urgent to address like basic digital skills, access to services online, digital online training and re-skilling.
·         The sectors that are the most affected are retail trade, accommodation and food services, real estate and manufacturing.
·         Digitalisation and automation will be accelerated in many sectors.
·         The key for the future lies in investing more in skills development through re-skilling, up-skilling. This involves adult training and life-long learning programmes to equip people for the requirements of the labour market, especially in the emerging sectors.
·         Increase demand for digital skills to respond to the accelerated digital transition. It requires investment in digital infrastructure and access to online skills training available to everyone.
As cities are the best placed to make the matchmaking between people needing jobs and the sectors demanding labour the current situation brings a good opportunity to re-thinking how to match the offer and demand for new skills.


Join us for this online WG meeting to share updates and ideas on the employment, skills development plans and life-long learning programmes of cities to boost the inclusion into the labour market. During the meeting you will have the opportunity to:
·         Share updates from your city on employment long-term planning and discuss with other cities the challenges and policy measures to respond to COVID-19 crisis and beyond
·         Learn about practices on employment, skills development plans and life-long learning programmes
·         Get informed about the latest updates from EU level and EUROCITIES, as well as on our WG priorities and activities in 2020

Questions for discussion

·         What is the impact of COVID19 crisis on the local labour market especially for the most affected sectors?
·         What are the potential opportunities for the recovery measures and emerging jobs?
·         How should employment policies be reconfigured to deliver stronger outcomes in terms of jobs, skills and life-long learning programmes?
·         How can city support the ‘new urban poor’ and vulnerable groups to access employment, skills development and life-long learning programmes?


10.00 – 10.10
Welcome and introduction by Belen Garcia
10.10 – 10.35
EU policy updates - EU social agenda, EC work plan 2020, EU funds post-2020: state of negotiations on ESF+
Cites presentations on employment recovery plans (focus on skills development, life-long learning or job match-making) chaired by Belen Garcia
11.00 - 11.40
City updates and discussion on COVID-19 recovery plans open discussion chaired by Shoresh Ibrahim
11.40 – 11.55
EUROCITIES updates by Patricia Couti  
Final remarks and closing of meeting

How to prepare for the meet?

1.    Cities are invited to prepare a 3 minutes employment update to present during the meeting. There is no need for a power point presentation, however cites can prepare a one page note to be shared with the members after the meeting.
2.    Share practices on skills development, life-long learning or job match-making.
3.    Register to attend here:

The recording of the meeting can be found here:

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EUROCITIES staff contact

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