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your commitment to integrating migrants and migrant communities in European cities

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To join the Integrating Cities Charter initiative, EUROCITIES members should undertake the following process:


Cities must first of all present the Integrating Cities Charter initiative to the Municipal Council who must adopt it formally.


Once the decision to commit to the Charter is formally made, cities must inform EUROCITIES (, which will facilitate the affiliation process.


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Cities can then proceed to organise a signing ceremony at local level. An official signing ceremony is also organised in the framework of each “Integrating Cities” Conference. But individual signing ceremonies can also be organised in the city itself or during a Social Affairs Forum.

The Mayor – or equivalent representative of the council – must sign the Integrating Cities Charter text which will be provided by EUROCITIES.

After signature, cities must provide EUROCITIES with a scanned copy of the signed and dated Charter

The city will then be included in the public list of Integrating Cities Charter signatories. The Integrating Cities Charter Contact Point will organise regular signing ceremonies at European level during which new signatory and partner cities can renew their commitment in front of the EU institutions and other signatories.