Eurocities Integrating Cities Charter

our commitment to integrating migrants and migrant communities in European cities

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This Charter on Integrating Cities harnesses the duties and responsibilities of European cities in their roles as policy-makers, service providers, employers and buyers of goods and services to provide equal opportunities for all residents, to integrate migrants, and to embrace the diversity of their populations that is a reality in cities across Europe

The charter lists specific commitments, which you can read further below. Developed within the DIVE project, the Charter was launched and signed by 17 European Mayors at the Integrating Cities IV conference in London, February 2010


As policy-makers we will:

Actively communicate our commitment to equal opportunities for everyone living in the city;
Ensure equal access and non-discrimination across all our policies;
Facilitate engagement from migrant communities in our policy-making processes and remove barriers to participation.


As service providers we will1:

Support equal access for migrants to services to which they are entitled, particularly access to language learning, housing, employment, health, social care and education;
Ensure that migrants’ needs are understood and met by service providers.


As employers we will:

Take steps where required to reflect our city’s diversity in the composition of our workforce across all staffing levels;
Ensure that all staff, including staff with a migrant background, experience fair and equal treatment by their managers and colleagues;
Ensure that staff understand and respect diversity and equality issues.


As buyers of goods and services we will:

Apply principles of equality and diversity in procurement and tendering;
Promote principles of equality and diversity amongst our contractors;
Promote the development of a diverse supplier-base.


1 The signatories of this Charter have different public duties for the delivery of public services. Where the signatory city is the direct service provider they agree to the provisions of this Charter. Where the signatory city is not the direct service provider, they agree to advocate the provisions of this charter with the service providers.

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As of January 2021, the Charter has been signed by the following 42 cities:

Amsterdam | Athens

Barcelona | Belfast | Berlin| Bilbao | Bristol | Brussels

Cesena | Copenhagen

Dublin | 

Genoa | Ghent


Leipzig | Lisbon | London

Madrid | Malmö | Manchester | Montpellier | Milan | Munich

Nantes | Nicosia | Nuremberg

Oulu | Oslo


Rennes | Riga | Rome | Rotterdam


Tampere | The Hague | Thessaloniki | Toronto* | Toulouse | Turin



*Toronto (Canada) is the 34th and first non-European signatory of the Integrating Cities Charter

How to become a signatory

First implementation report 2013

This report is based on the input of 22 of the signatory cities, three years after the charter's launch. It finds that migrant integration is being redefined, with city policies becoming more broad in relation to social inclusion, equality and participation. It is a snapshot of the reality of local integration policies and practices, presenting some examples of what cities are doing to include migrants in their everyday policies.

We will add to this report so that it will build into a periodic overview on the state of migrant integration in European cities. We will continue to monitor cities’ progress on implementing the charter and highlight trends that we will use to inform relevant policies at local, national and EU level.

Second implementation report 2015

This is our second report on the implementation of our Integrating Cities Charter, produced by our working group on migration and integration. The main observations in the report are based on evidence collected through the Integrating Cities Charter reporting survey, which ran from December 2014 to April 2015. Twenty cities, signatories of the charter or members of the working group, participated in the survey.

Since we published the first report in March 2013, a further seven European cities (Brussels, Leipzig, Lisbon, Montpellier, Nuremberg, Paris and Toulouse) and one non-European city (Toronto) have signed the charter. These and several other cities have worked with us on the topic of migrant integration and helped develop tools to implement the charter commitments at local level.


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