December 17, 2012


December 17, 2012

Launch of the new EUROCITIES Integrating Cities project, ImpleMentoring on 15 November

ImpleMentoring – City to City support for migrant integration started on 15 november 2012 and will last for 18 months until May 2014.

Led by EUROCITIES, the network of major cities in Europe, ImpleMentoring will enable European cities to address implementation gaps in migrant integration policies and practices. It will build on the experience and success of EUROCITIES projects (MIXITIES, DIVE and INTI-Cities) by shifting the focus from peer reviews and standard-setting towards policy implementation guided by standards and evaluation.

ImpleMentoring aims to provide city-to-city support through tailored mentoring schemes on four specific areas:

  • Enhancing public perception of migration and diversity
  • Reflecting and managing diversity in public administration and service provision
  • Activating and enhancing participation in diverse neighbourhoods
  • Promoting political participation of migrants through local consultatives bodies

The consortium includes EUROCITIES as lead partner, MigrationWork CIC as facilitator as well as the cities of Aarhus, Athens, Copenhagen, Dublin (New Communities Partnership), Genoa, Ghent, Lublin (Nowy Staw Foundation), Malmo, Manchester, Milan, Oslo, Riga, Rotterdam, and Tampere.



  • 4 integrating Cities toolkits (on public perception of diversity, reflecting and managing diversity in public administration, participation in diverse neighbourhoods, political participation of migrants in consultative bodies) each containing an Integrating Cities benchmark which identifies key factors for success in its theme’
  • Mentoring schemes – each comprising 4 to 5 cities, some in role as mentors (with experience in the given theme) and others as implementing cities (identified during the project proposal stage wanting to address a particular policy gap in their city). Each scheme will consist of:
    • Developing a roadmap for implementing cities – with the involvement of public administration and relevant stakeholders
    • Monitor progress on implementation of roadmap
  • Integrating Cities VI – Tampere, 9-10 September 2013

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